A coalition of neighborhoods:
Quail Hollow, Angus Valley, Lexington Oaks and Others


Keeping friends and neighbors informed on the proposed SoHo Dayflower Master Plan Unit Development (MPUD) and discussing the “real issues.”

Dateline February, 2023

The rezoning application for this property has been withdrawn.

At any point in time the developer/owner could submit a new application.

This property and any activity is being monitored very closely.

Dateline 11/4/2021

Dear Neighbors, there has been no public activity on this rezoning since the August 5th Planning Commission continuance. We know that the County has been working with the developer to edit the proposed Conditions of Approval specifically on roads and storm water, but there has been nothing finalized. No recommendation will go to the Planning Commission until this is done.

The Stormwater Attenuation project proposed by Pasco Stormwater Engineering has been tabled. The County is exploring “other options” with the Water Management District.

We have been developing materials on SOHO to make a presentation to the Planning Commission (1st public hearing) when it happens. QHA will inform you as soon as anything moves.

Dateline 8/21/2021

Dear Quail Hollow Alliance neighbors – There is a conceptual drainage plan proposed for us that could have positive benefits. On July 29th the county presented the plan. TABLED

Dateline 8/5/2021

The Planning Commission did vote to continue SOHO Dayflower to a date-uncertain. We will let you know when it is rescheduled.

Dateline 7/30/2021

A meeting was held on Thursday, Jul 29 at the government center in NPR about a stormwater attenuation plan for SOHO Dayflower and Quail Hollow/Angus Valley. TABLED

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The Quail Hollow Alliance was formed in the early months of 2020 in response to increasing development pressure on our residential neighborhood and surrounding communities.  In particular, we have several communities that are over 50 years old. For example, Quail Hollow and Angus Valley are among the oldest neighborhoods in Wesley Chapel.  Unfortunately as older neighborhoods we are often overlooked in the rush to develop surrounding areas. 

This group wants to make sure we have a voice with the Pasco County Planning & Development Department and the County Commissioners on any development in our area(s). 

When things change in a neighborhood, it can feel personal; it can be emotional and stressful. Despite this, we are committed to voicing our concerns based on facts and experience. Our intention is to present our view rationally and with courtesy. Lucky for us, there are several individuals in this alliance with long memories and a great deal of historical information. In other words, we have been here before and we know how to be respectfully influential.

Who owns the property

Soho Capital in Tampa, also known as Soho DayFlower, purchased just over 1,000 acres in 2014 in the Quail Hollow area. They paid $4,200 an acre well below market value, primarily because 50% of the property is wetlands and is not developable. Soho Principals are Chas Bruck and Adam Harden as listed on their website.

Where is the property located

Proposed Development Location

Here are the facts

  • 1469 Single family dwellings including 150 townhomes on southern boundary
  • Lots will be 40 X 100 feet with 10ft front and 7.5ft side setbacks
  • Townhomes are ZERO-LOT SETBACKS with apartment like parking
  • A development of this size and density will require public utilities (water, sewer, reclaimed)
  • 1013 acres total with just over 500 acres in wetlands
  • The entire west side of the 1013 acres abuts a Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) owned conservation area acquired to protect Cypress Creek
  • Cypress Creek is an Outstanding Florida Water (OFW) which is an official designation calling for increased protections for the creek.
  • The 1013 acres is in the outflow of the storm water drainage pattern for Quail Hollow and, to some extent Angus Valley. The main storm water conveyance structure for Quail hollow is a ditch that runs directly onto this property. This ditch is also known as Alligator Creek.
  • This development will add 12,250-13,309 additional daily vehicle trips to our roads.
  • There are two accesses to this property. The developer purchased a 1/2-acre residential lot on Mangrove Dr. in the back (west boundary) of Angus Valley to convert to an entrance. The other entrance is through Sandy Lane approximately 2.5 miles back on Quail Hollow Blvd.
  • This development needs road improvements that otherwise would not be necessary. The improvements will be required. The developer has requested a “fair share” cost sharing agreement. After “fair share” is determined, the neighborhoods will be paying the balance through assessment.

What is the proposed plan for development?

Proposed Development

To learn more details, click on a link below: