Below you will see the recording of the Community Meeting webinar of the SOHO Project Update hosted by the Quail Hollow Alliance on June 24, 2021.

Below you will see the recording of the Webinar presented by the Quail Hollow Alliance. 

This webinar was intended to educate the Community about the proposed development and issues we face as a community.   Topics such as Flooding, roads, safety, environment, potential assessments to residents and many others were covered.  There may have been some changes to the proposed development since this webinar was presented in early February 2021, but the majority of the content is very much still relevant and concerning.  This webinar was presented prior to the Developer’s required community meeting which he held on March 1, 2021.

Below you will see the recording of the “Community Meeting” the SOHO developer gave on March 1, 2021.

The meeting was a very superficial overview of the project which did not do anything to address our issues. The presentation was ½ hour, the Q&A was 15 minutes and Mr. Hardin of Soho couldn’t wait to say that he didn’t see any questions that hadn’t already been answered in the presentation. Forty-five minutes, one and done.

We know of many people who asked questions that felt their questions were not answered.

If you asked a question and it wasn’t answered, write a short, but pointed email around your question and send it to with a cc to

We deserve to have a REAL discussion about this. We deserve to have input. Thank you.